2023-04-05 Menai Straits


The weather forecast for Wednesday was not at all good. Si and I went and took a look at Trearddur Bay and we were not impressed. Very windy, Rain showers, big seas and flat broken waves. Fine if you fancy being bongo'd sideways constantly; but neither of us did. So we chatted to the mad lady cold water swimmers for a bit, before deciding to head home. Oh well, not much we could do. It was what it was...

Si was well ahead of me on the A55 leaving Holyhead. As I was approaching Llanfair PG my hands free phone rang in the van. It was Si saying head to the Menai Bridge slipway. His timing was just about perfect, as I was literally about half a mile from the Menai Bridge turn-off. Any later and I would have been committed to going over Britannia Bridge and then having to make my way back again.

So we got on at Menai Bridge and headed under the arches of Menai Bridge for a bit of a play. After a while we headed for Swellies Rock and both managed to get tucked into the eddy behind the Cardinal, surfing the wave. Then it was around the island of Gored Goch playing in the various waves and eddys, before we stopped for a bite to eat on the Anglesey Bank. Back at Menai Bridge we ferried across to the Welsh side of the bridge before using the eddy to make our way against the current. Once we were adjacent to Ynys Faelog we ferried back to the Anglesey Side. This was rather fun as the wind and Swell were creating surf-able waves. Between the islands there were lots of Shellduck. I don't think I've ever seen so many in the same place before. It was still raining!

Oh well a 4.76 mile paddle in 1 hr 33 minutes. Better than nothing I guess.

GPS track

What a fab day - the North Coast of Anglesey rarely fails to deliver!!

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