Heraldic Arms

The earliest record of the Turnbull coat of arms is from 1455, recorded in the Standard Book of Scots Heraldry in the British Herald office, London. James Turnbull, the Clark to Robert Dundas. MP in 1759, gives the following description, which is quite significant: "The first of the name was a strong man of...


The Battle of Halidon Hill

HALIDON HILL 19 JULY 1333 Halidon Hill, according to legend, started off with a personal duel between Turnbull, a Scottish knight, and Sir Robert Benhale of Norfolk. After a great struggle, observed by the two armies, Benhale won. The Scots then gave the order to advance, their grooms taking their horses to the rear....

Coat of Arms Bedrule

Breakdown of The Clan

The Turnbull were well known for their misdeeds and are frequently mentioned in Pitcairns Criminal Trials, recorded from court proceedings. By 1510, their reputation for unruliness and scorn of authority led to King James IV sending out a large force, from Edinburgh to spittal, to make an example of them. 200 members of the...

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