Why not have a Go at Sea Kayaking?

If you have ever fancied giving Sea Kayaking a go there are plenty of opportunities to give it a try, all around out coasts, even inland! You don't need any previous kayaking or canoeing experience. As for equipment most can provide you with all of the kit you need. Just get in touch with one of the many Sea Kayak providers/coaches and off you go.

Why Sea Kayak?

For me Sea Kayaking is all about exploring new places, having adventures, testing myself and not to mention being able to get really close to wild life. On my first days Sea Kayaking, I saw two otters close up, having never ever seen an Otter in the wild before. I've since seen Whales (a very close encounter), dolphins and porpoises.

Cemlyn Bay to Porth Eilian
Cemlyn Bay to Porth Eilian


Does it have to be on Anglesey?

Absolutely not. Sea kayaking can take place more or less anywhere you can float. And if you can float in a sea kayak there will be a coach/centre for you to learn Sea Kayaking.

If you have read any of my many blogs you will have noticed many of my adventures are around the Anglesey coast. There is a very good reason for this. Anglesey is one of the best training venues in the world for Sea Kayaking. Anglesey can provide conditions suited to all weathers from total beginners to Advanced paddlers. There are good reasons for this. Firstly being an island, whichever way the wind is blowing, it is always possible to find somewhere on the island to paddle.  Secondly, and of less importance for beginners, the island has many tidal current running around it. Basically, on a flood tide all of the water in Cardigan bay in the Irish Sea, tries to flood into Liverpool Bay, then six hours later when the tide ebbs the water tries to pour back into Cardigan Bay. As Anglesey sticks out from North Wales the tidal water is forced to flow around the Island, creating perfect conditions for training and improving your skills. Not to mention the scenery around Anglesey is pretty fantastic too!

Take a look at my coaching page for details of some of the best coaches in the UK, if not the world!

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