2017-05-06 Porth Dafarch to Rhocolyn and Back

2017-05-06 Porth Dafarch to Rhocolyn and Back

First trip in our new van "Bobbie the Murvi" and I brought my wife along for the weekend too! Arriving late on Friday night, with just enough time for a quick one in the Paddlers, Mrs T and I settled down for our first nights sleep in the van. It was pretty quiet until the wind got up. When it woke me up, you could hear the wind whistling outside. Hmmm... tomorrow was going to be a very windy day.Meeting up with Portsmouth and District CC (thanks for the invite Gordon and Helen) we discussed the options. With the wind forecast being strong all day, it looked like there would be a lumpy bumpy trip, one way from Porth Dafarch to Soldiers Point, taking in Penrhyn Mawr and the Stacks, or, a slightly more sheltered trip from Porth Dafarch down to Rhoscolyn and back. Being a little bored of PM, as I've done it rather a lot recently, I decided a trip to Rhoscolyn would be the trip for me. Gordon led the trip a did a great job of leading.

Surprisingly, there was very little sea swell, despite the overnight winds. But when you did get to exposed parts of the coastline you certainly knew about it.

Having lunched at the bay just before Borthwen we made our way back.

It was an excellent trip. I especially liked the lines of Hilary's boat, a Zegul. Nice and light too! Jim paddled a very nice Valley Nordkapp Jubilee and was generally pretty quick in it - you could tell by the way he paddled he did sprint racing. A great technique even for an Aussie!

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