2017-08-27 Cwmtydu to Ynys Lochtyn

Welsh Dolphins

Mrs T told me that on her boat trip a couple of days earlier, they had gone down the coast to Ynys Lochtyn, where there was another pod of dolphins. So setting of from Cwmtydu, I headed to Ynys Lochtyn, sticking close to the cliff to admire the cliff rock formations.

At Ynys Lochtyn it was easy to see where the dolphins were, as there were several pleasure boats all stationary with the occupants all looking in the direction of the Dolphins.

Suddenly they all changed course and headed straight to me swimming right under my boat. There was a calf with an adult. The calf kept jumping onto the adult as they surfaced. Not sure if it was play or just attention seeking.

Having watched the dolphins for a while I started to head back. I had been trying to capture one of the Dolphins jumping clear of the sea, but this proved very difficult, as by the time you had pressed the shuttler they were already back in the water.

I could feel the weak tide on the way back. Halfway across the bay I heard a rib coming up fast behind me. As I looked over my shoulder the ribs engine ceased as it came up along side me. It was the RNLI inshore lifeboat. "Oh hello", one of the two man crew said, "We thought you were one of our mates and we came over to take the piss! Actually we are on our way to New Quay to help a broken down boat". Ah so nobody has called you out to me! Phew! A quick wave and they were off again. I wish I had take a picture!

Back at the beach I met Mrs T and handed her some kit I didn't want to get wet. It was rolling/rescue time.  After a quick roll and re-entry roll I headed for shore.

I would thoroughly recommend this coast for a paddle. Dolphins and fantastic scenery!

What a fab day!

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