2018-04-08 Rhosneigr Mega-Surf-tastic!

My new (2nd hand) Mega Bullitt'S

On the Sunday, I spent the morning trying out my newly acquired Mega Bullitt'S' out on some fairly average surf at Rhosneigr. The sets were still coming in, but now the period between the sets seemed to be about every five or so minutes. The waves were much smaller than the day before. Still it was excellent fun, but in truth I was hurting a little from Saturdays epic paddle.

The Bullitt'S' is a slightly more tippy than my playboat (Jackson Superstar) and reminded me of the Jackson Star, with some secondary stability when stationary. But once on a wave it was like being on rails, and it was damn fast too! Not really knowing what to do with fins, I had set the fins fairly forwards and found I needed to put quite a lot of input in with the paddle to maintain course. Perhaps next time I will move them back and see what difference it makes. But for a first time out, and seeing the backrest wasn't working and I had no foot blocks, the boat performed really well. Yep, I was really happy with the boat. We are going to get along well! I just need to sort the foot blocks and backrest.

Unfortunately I've no photos - I was having way too much fun!


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