2023-09-12 Arran – Lamlash Bay – A quick fish and pootle (downwind fun)

For todays paddle in Lamlash bay, having made sure I was well outside the "No Take" zone, I had a little fish for some mackerel. My rig is very simple, a weight, with four lures on a hand spool of about 40 meters of mono filament line. On my first cast, I let the line go all the way to the bottom which was probably around 25-30 meters and wound it in. I had caught four tiny 5-6 inch Mackerel, so I let these go as way too small. I tried again. This time, another four small mackeral, so I let these go too! I decided to move further offshore to try again, hoping I'd catch larger Mackerel further out. But nothing. So after a few more tries I got bored and gave up. Besides, the wind and swell was quite lively and I was only just about in my comfort zone sitting there with my fishing spool. The wind especially kept blowing me sideways so I was constantly having to correct my position.

A quick fish

Paddling back into Lamlash bay I had some great downwind surfs on the swell, before reaching the shelter of Holy Island. I paddled past the landing stage at Holy Island on the north of the island. At the north of the island the Centre for World Peace and Health hosts a retreat and course programme. Between April and October guests are also welcome to stay at the Centre for personal retreats or holiday breaks. A closed Buddhist retreat takes place at the south of the island.

After a little nosey, it just a case of setting a course back to my launch point at Lamlash.

Another fab paddle in a really beautiful peaceful place.

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes. Distance: 5nm

GPS track

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