2018-05-13 Church in the Sea

The Church in the Sea

On Sunday we paddled from Cable Bay down towards Llanddwyn Island. We didn't get there as we stopped off at the Church in the Sea (Cribinau), followed by Port y Cwch beach for lunch. We perhaps stayed too long on the beach. After all, it was a glorious day. We did a big beach clean too, coming away with hatches full to the brim with lots of discarded plastic.

The winds were light, the swell was small and the views of Snowdonia and the Llyn were jaw dropping. It was also a bit of a Valley Sea Kayak day as we had in the party an Etain (mine), two Sirona's (Martin and Nikki's) and a sparkly Gemini SP ('T-Bone' Dave).  The paddlers letting the side down were Gareth and Sarah in their P&H sea kayaks. Tut Tut!

Thanks for a great paddle guys 🙂

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