2018-06-12 Plymouth Sound

Plymouth Breakwater Lighthouse

This was a short paddle around the Plymouth Breakwater and Plymouth Sound whilst on holiday. The breakwater wasn't as interesting as I had imagined, but was worth doing all the same. Interestingly, I was stalked by a motor launch (MOD?) for quite a while as I think they thought I had intentions on landing on the breakwater. There are plenty of "Keep Off - MOD property signs". After a while they must have got bored as they had disappeared the next time I looked around. I stopped for some lunch near Penlee Head near to the site of the sinking of HMS Coronation in 1685. There are aledgedly plenty of cannon to see underwater, but on land despite the winter storms there were no gold doubloons to be found, or anything else from the 1685 disaster. A bitter dissapointment. After lunch as I made my way back to Cawsand and Kingsand there was lots of exploring and rock hopping.
What a great way to spend a day!

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