Route Map

2019-05-18 Harry’s and Middle Mouse

So is it Harry Furlough's or Harry Furlongs? Ordnance Survey reckon it is "Harry Furlough's" as does Welsh Sea Kayaking, and yet the chart definitely says Harry Furlong's! Searching the internet I found: "Harry Furlough's Rocks, sometimes said to be a misspelling of furlong from the length of the rocks". I'll use both terms...

Plymouth Breakwater Lighthouse

2018-06-12 Plymouth Sound

This was a short paddle around the Plymouth Breakwater and Plymouth Sound whilst on holiday. The breakwater wasn't as interesting as I had imagined, but was worth doing all the same. Interestingly, I was stalked by a motor launch (MOD?) for quite a while as I think they thought I had intentions on landing...

The Birds

2016-06-05 Flamborough

There was quite a swell forecast for 5th June coming from the North. Consequently South Landing was fairly quiet in terms of the car park and sea state. Setting off Stu (VE Paddles) and I immediately bumped into a group of kayakers who had been out to Flamborough Head, who told us it was...

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