2019-11-22 Cemlyn/Carmel Head

Towards the Skerries and West Mouse

With holidays to use up before the year end, I agreed to meet Simon Williams on the Friday for four days of paddling. All week the weather had been looking extremely unpleasant, but surprisingly on the Friday it turned out not too bad. We agreed to paddle from Cemlyn Bay and to potter around the coast towards and perhaps a little beyond Carmel head. Parking of large vans like mine at Cemlyn Bay is now restricted by a height barrier. So I had to park alongside the nature reserve.

Paddling out to Harry's we were a little too late to have the use of any surf waves, so we rock hopped our way towards Carmel Head. The sun was out at this point and the view of West Mouse and the Skerries beyond was superb. We stopped for some lunch in a bay just around Carmel Head, next to Ynys Fydlyn. Whilst we were eating lunch we could see dark clouds appearing over Holyhead and by the time we set back off not only was it much cloudier, but it had started to rain.

Going through Harry's on the way back the tide was beginning to flood, but with the swell coming from the North East there were some little surf waves forming around the reef. I managed two little surfs the wrong way! Now that is a first for me!

We were back and off the water by 14:00, or were we? See the next trip.

An excellent start to the weekend!


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