2019-12-15 Menai Straits

Menai Bridge

With Saturday 14th December blown out, and the weather forecast or Sunday looking only slightly better; Simon, Ashley, Kris and I decided to meet up at the Menai Bridge Slipway at 0930 for a session in the Swellies. We played in the currents under Menai Bridge for a while before moving out to the outer most leg of the bridge, where there was a small wave to surf. We then dropped down onto the Cardinal before heading to the island - Ynys Gored Goch. Lunch was taken adjacent to the island on the Anglesey side.

Using the numerous eddies, we paddled back up to Menai bridge before ferrying across to the mainland side of the bridge before using the eddies to take us more or less opposite the Bangor University research ship Prince Madog before ferrying back to the slipway. As we were paddling up the mainland side the skies darkened behind us and there were some very loud thunder claps. It was quite atmospheric.

Although we did see blue sky and strong winter sun at times, much of the day was gloomy and raining, although the winds did not appear to be as strong as forecast. I guess that's Anglesey micro climate weather for you.

Loading the boats up in the Menai Bridge slipway car park I managed to hit a rock with my van. The rock was partially sticking out into the entrance and I did not see it until it was too late. In fact looking in my nearside mirror I could see it at all. This was a costly end to an otherwise ok days paddling. The body shop estimate is for around £500! Needless to say I was far from happy. Still I suppose it could have been far, far worse.

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