2019-11-25 Rhoscolyn Rhosneigr


The final truck stop meet of the weekend, but this time SI and I were meeting Andras. A chap I'd met before at Rhosneigr and who Si knew from paddling with in the past. The wind and swell had picked up overnight. With both Si and myself needing to get home at a reasonable time, we decided to paddle from Borthwen.

Setting off from Borthwen, you could see waves already crashing in the two entrances to the bay. Hold onto your hat's it is going to be a bit lively!

We headed out to the Beacon, but it was evident this was probably not a good place to be, with waves crashing onto the beacon. So we decide to head for Rhosneigr and perhaps do some surfing. It was a lumpy crossing and as we passed The Cymyran Straits, it was very evident there would be some big surf waves. Avoiding the big waves we headed around Ynys Feirig into relative shelter of the bay. The waves were smaller here, but much more enjoyable in a sea kayak. We all had some good rides with one roll from me and a swim from Andras. To be fair he was very unlucky, as he rolled back up just as another surf wave broke over him. He then lost his footing on his footpegs and was then on a one way trip towards a swim. I was not far away watching, so I put him quickly back in his boat and he paddled into the shore for a quick empty. The only damage was perhaps to his pride. But sometimes you just have to accept the will of the sea goods.

It was by far the shortest paddle of the weekend, but it sure was fun.

Another excellent day. Now for the long drive back home.

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