2019-11-24 Bull Bay Middle Mouse Cemaes


Sunday and another meeting up at the truck stop where some consumed their breakfasts and others looked on aghast!

With the tidal flow timings, we decided to head to Bull Bay and paddle with the tide, taking in Middle Mouse and take whatever else we can get before the tide turns. The weather was  dull, the sea flat flat calm. Setting off from Bull Bay I decided to stay out away from the cliffs, as I knew from experience there are numerous back eddies closer to shore. Starting off at the back of the group and even stopping for a little play on the tiny waves leaving Bull Bay, I was soon ahead of the group. I was flying along. The others realised and started to head out to also take advantage of the tidal conveyor belt. Looking at my GPS log afterwards, we were averaging 6kts! Even when we stopped to look at the porpoises not far from the Brick Works, we were still doing 2.7kts! Of course to us it looked like we were stationary. We headed out towards Middle Mouse and as we approached the mouse Gareth spotted some dolphins coming towards us. Then we saw in front of the Dolphins were some porpoise, possibly being chased by the Dolphins, or perhaps running for cover. I definitely saw a dolphin breach in the distance. Gareth also thought he saw the tall fin of a Risso Dolphin. We were being maxed out on Porpoises and Dolphins! We had a little play in the currents around the island. But we were too late for the bigger waves.

We then decide to head for Cemaes and had a leg stretch on the beach. Then it was back in the boats to paddle around to Porth Llanlleiana for some Lunch. This was against the tide, as it hadn’t quite turned. On the way to Porth LLanleiana Si spotted another porpoise and shouted out to the group, only to be answered in unison, “yes.. we.. know!”. After all it was just another porpoise!

The old workings of the old Porcelain factory at Porth Llanleiana are rather interesting (they closed in 1920 after being damaged by fire) and are a great place for a lunch break. Having lunch here is really helped by there being two picnic tables on either side of an old wall, providing shelter from the wind if needed. It is a glorious spot even on a dull day.

Paddling back to Bull Bay seemed to take a good deal longer than on the way out. But then the tide had not long turned and we were not benefiting much from its assistance.

Despite the dull weather conditions it was a great day out with Porpoises, Dolphins and possibly a Risso to-boot! I love the north coast of Anglesey.

Paddlers were: Gareth, Keith, Kris, Matt, Simon W and of course moi!

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