2018-07-08 Bull Bay Middle Mouse with Owain

Porth Wen Brick Works

Owain told me he had not paddled on the North coast of Anglesey, so I said I would see what I could do. Looking at the tides I could see that if we went from Bull Bay with the tide towards Middle Mouse, the tide would turn at 12:24 and bring us back again. This would also mean a fairly early get away to return back to Nottingham, hopefully beating the worse of the traffic. I love this part of Anglesey, it has a feeling of wildness about it.

It was another beautiful day again as we left Bull Bay. Even the Isle of Man was just visible on the horizon. We met a sit on top angler who was also going out from Bull Bay and Owain picked up some useful tips on jigging. I had brought a line and some feathers just in case we got chance to fish. We made good progress to Middle Mouse arriving just as the last of the tidal race was running. The bird life was impressive on the end of Middle Mouse. If it had been pitch black you would have been very well aware of its proximity due to the smell! Guilimots, Razorbills, Puffins, Terns and even Gannets were all very much in evidence. We both took turns in having a go at fishing, but despite small fish jumping out of the water all around us, we had no luck. If anything the only thing we caught were lions mane jellyfish tentacles stuck to the line and hooks. What a gloopy mess!

A group of kayakers in an assortment of white water boats and sit on tops came out from Camaes and asked me about getting out to Middle Mouse, telling me they intended to land and have a BBQ. I told the Mouse was only five minutes away, but to be aware of the tides as it was currently approaching slack water and they may have trouble getting back once the tide had change against them. Also to stay away from the South part of Middle Mouse so as not to disturb the birds. One of their group then suggested going to Porth Wen, so I said if they did that they were certainly going to have trouble getting back. They thanked me for the advice and headed out to the Mouse. I hope they took my advice and didn't stay too long. Hmmm...

At 12:24 on the dot, the tide started moving back towards Bull Bay. So Owain and I gave up with fishing and headed for Both Wen. I had promised Owain that he would see Porpoises especially around the entrance to Porth Wen. I have seen Porpoises here so many times, but no, not today. There were plenty of motor boats and jet skis going in and out of Porth Wen, so I suspect the porpoises were staying well out of the way.  We passed the sit on top fisherman not far from Porth Wen and asked him if he had had any luck. "Just one mackerel", he replied. The fish were obviously not biting. Perhaps another reason for no porpoises in the area.

We had a good explore of the brick works, which was the busiest I had ever seen it. Lots of people, tents along with a plethora of empty beer cans and other debris. In some places the stench of urine was over powering. I have to say it all looked rather sad. Nothing like the wild out of the way place I had seen on my first trip there, some time ago.

After a short paddle after leaving Porth Wen, we were back at Bull Bay. No mackerel for tea for us then!

Fab days paddle all the same.

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