2014-04-24 Penmon to Benllech

Day three started with me packing up my tent and meeting with my paddle buddy at the usual spot for 10:00 am. Consulting the tide tables and the excellent Welsh Sea Kayaking guidebook, we realised that by the time we had run the shuttle, we could paddle From Puffin Island to Benllech. For the first time this week this would mean that for once we wouldn't be paddling into a headwind, and we would still have some tidal assistance (for the majority of the trip)! It also meant that we had in three days covered pretty much the whole north coast of Anglesey. So with the sun out, it was a glorious start t the day, we ran the shuttle and were soon setting off from Penmon, just inside the northern part of the Menai straight.


 Setting up the GoPro (is it working?)


Day3-002The wreck of the Hoveringham II. This small 471 ton sand dredger sank on 28 January 1971 having sprung a leak.Day3-003

The wreck was covered in some fantastic musselsDay3-004


Looks good for a nice dive.


Fair current running over her though


Heading out to Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol)



At the northern most point of the island seals were everywhere.   Day3-010

I am pointing at the direction my camera should have been pointing!


Seals on the rocks to my left and in the water. It was surprising how close they came, disappearing in a swirl of bubbles if you looked at them.


Having rounded the island we came into lots of bird life. Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Eider Ducks, Shags and even one Puffin.


As we were crossing to Benllech, the wind was from our right side causing the boats constantly wanting to head into the wind, so use of the skeg became necessary. Unfortunately my paddle buddies skeg jammed. Even when I managed to pull it down it still wasn't right and my paddle buddy was struggling.


Having another go...


Skeg/Food stop. In the end I could see that my paddle buddy was getting a little annoyed about his skeg. I decided to keep my distance by about a 100 meters. Being married to a yorkshire woman, I can tell when it is best to keep your distance. My paddle buddy is from York.

We stopped for a stretch at the first landing in Red Wharf bay then paddled across the bay. Occasionally surfing the odd small wave. Crossing Red Wharf Bay was a bit of anti climax after all the wild life around Puffin Island. It was also a bit of a slog too, as by now we were heading into the weak tide. Inland we could see a big storm, with lightning and what looked like for a fleeting moment a twister. But I suspect this was just the rain falling. We had a few spots, and it was much more cloudy, but on arrival at Benllech, families were still on the beach creating sand castles and eating ice creams.

Day 3 GPS track

Day 3 GPS track (SpeedDistance Graph)

This was the best days kayaking ever!

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