2021-08-25 Cemlyn Bay to Porth Eilian

Cemlyn Bay to Porth Eilian

Paddled with Wenders and Si. We decided to paddle across the top of Anglesey with the flood tide, lunch, then paddle back on the ebb tide. Managed to get as far as Porth Eilian, near Point Lynas, despite stopping for a leg stretch at Bull Bay. Saw some Porpoises around East Mouse. Some fairly lumpy bits at times along with flat water whirls and boils, whilst speeding along at 5+ kts.
Got told off on way back by Wenders for paddling too fast - and quite right to tell us off too. Personally I was feeling very strong, unlike the last couple of years (post sepsis) and couldn't resist the urge to go faster. Sorry Wenders.

18.5Nm 5hrs 42 mins What a great day !!

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