2021-08-26 Cemlyn to Porthygwichiaid

Cemlyn Bay to Porth Helygen

After our longish paddle yesterday, we were so stoked up and the conditions were once again perfect, Si and I decided to do the same trip again. But this time we planned on passing Point Lynas and heading around towards Ynys Dulas. Due to having other commitments Wenders was unable to join us.

Once we were out into the flood tide, we wizzed along managing 5, then 6, and even 7 kts at times! It was certainly a beautiful day with a light breeze into our faces as we passed Middle, and then East Mouse, before rounding the lighthouse at Point Lynas.

Having rounded the lighthouse, Si almost immediately spotted two Risso Dolphins. And then there were some more... and possibly some Common Dolphins too. People near the light started to congregate on the steep banks of Point Lynas to get a view of what we had stopped to look at.

After getting our fill of Dolphins (my pictures are nowhere near as good as Si's), we stopped for some lunch on the beach at Porthygwichiaid and waited for the tide to turn. Whilst we were there we watched a huge group of standup paddle boarders, slowly making their way around Ynys Dulas.

The temptation was to set off back to Cemlyn Bay too early, but we had to wait for the tide. Eventually the tide turned and we set off. Going back around Point Lynas we encountered a few kayakers, mostly out from Porth Eilian. Well before passing East Mouse we were feeling the affect of the tide as we sped passed, the coastline once more with us completing the 11.4 Nm in just over 2 hours!

22.9 Nm 5hrs 58 mins What a great day !!

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