2016-12-04 Flamborough

Flamborough Dec 2016

"My last paddle of the season" (possibly). Well that's what I told my wife! Still it won't be long before I can use the excuse of it being the "first paddle of the season"! hehehe...

Well I blame this trip all on Mick Hargreaves. Having already told Andy Sloan there is no way I will get a gate pass this weekend, I get a call from Mick on Friday night saying, do I fancy paddling on Sunday at Flamborough? Well, seeing as Flamborough is much nearer than going off to Anglesey, I asked and the lady she said yes!

Saturday, I message Andy, but unfortunately he didn't pick up the message until too late on Saturday night. So Sunday morning saw Mick, Simon, Paul and myself meeting up at the lighthouse cafe at 10:30. After a quick brew we headed off to South Landing.

At South Landing there was some surf coming in, but the sea didn't look too bad. So the plan was to head out to Flamborough Head to North Landing. However, once setting off we were all surprised just how lumpy the sea was. As we made our way out to Flamborough Head the sea became much worse. As Paul had not paddled for nearly twenty years(!), we decided to head back. Yes, we could probably get around the head, but then we might not get back. This would then involve a long walk back from North Landing to get the cars.

Heading back was fun, as the swell was now coming behind us so there was lots of short surfs to be had. Short as the sea was still messy. You can see the way the swell was running from my GPS track! Interestingly, out at the Head, my surfs we reaching 9kts, midway between the Head and south Landing 7kts, and a South Landing 5kts! This obviously corresponds to the height and cleanliness of the waves.

Back at South Landing, Paul got off to get warmed up, whilst Mick, Simon and I went for a blast around the Flamborough Bouy.

After we finally got off the water and looking out to sea, it really didn't look too bad - you could even have said flat!

What a top day out. Thanks to Mick, Simon and Paul.

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