2015-10-26 Oban, Lismore, Shuna Island, Castle Stalker

Fishing Boats Oban Harbour

Setting off from Oban harbour, less than a hundred meters from our apartment, this 16.5 miles solo paddle proved to be a great days paddling despite the weather not being at its best. The wind dictated my direction as it was blowing F4-F5 from the South East. Also the tide, for once, was on my side. With HW not going to be until 16:00, this was always going to be a one way trip.

On my up the Lynn of Lorn I visited Lismore, Port Appin, Port Ramsey, Shuna Island and Castle Stalker (AKA Castle Aaaarrrrgggghhh... in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail").

The sea was fairly lumpy and confused whilst making the crossing from Ganavan across to Rubha Fion-aird. It wasn't so much difficult, more an unpleasant chop. I wouldn't have fancied trying to go back into that.

My highlight of the day was when two Otters popped up in front of my boat chewing on a fish. By the time I had whipped out my camera they realised I was there and disappeared in swirl of bubbles.

On Shuna Island I called Lesley to meet me with the car at Jubilee Bridge at 15:00.

At Castle Stalker with time to kill, I brewed up a cup of tea on the little island next to the Castle, whilst taking photos and relaxing. Wonderful!

By 15:00 the weather had deteriorated and was now very cloudy with  occasional drizzle. In fact it was pretty dark by 15:00. Right on cue I could see the cars headlights approaching, signalling the end of my paddle.


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