2017-02-05 Flamborough – Early February and the Birds are back!

The deal was to meet at the Lighthouse cafe at 10:00. Due to someone forgetting their drysuit, then getting their partner, in mid hair dyeing mode, to drive halfway and meet with said drysuit, two of the party were, ahem, let's say a little late. Chris Fisk and I proceeded straight to North Landing to start getting ready.

At North Landing the car park is at the top of the cliff, meaning to access the beach it is a very steep carry down. Carrying down with two fully equipped boats was tough. I was already dreading the thought of going back up.

On the water, Chris and I explored the caves north of North Landing for a bit until eventually Chris got a call over VHF saying the other two had arrived and were just getting on the water.

Having met the late-comers just off North Landing we made our way around the cliffs and caves. It was a cold but beautiful day. The Guillemots and Razorbills were already much in abundance, clinging to the cliffs and generally making an awesome racket.

The swell was a lot more than predicted (1ft). Every now and then a large set came through making things quite good fun, if you like that kind of thing. Especially when I got caught out at the back of a cave!

The carry back up the cliff was as I expected it to be - Very tough! My legs felt if for a few days after!

All in all a great day out.  Luckily for the partner who drove half way with their hair mid dye did not lose her hair and by all accounts, the forgetful drysuit owner wasn't even in the doghouse!

Many thanks to Chris Fisk, Simon Beasley and Mick Hargreaves. Top day!!

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