2017-08-13 Filey-Scarborough-Filey

Keefy (Id by GoPro)

I put out an email to all the sea kayakers I know saying I was running this trip. In the end we had a nice group of Royanne, Bill, Keith, Simon B, Mick and Ron.I chose to do this trip as the tidal streams are weak in this area and with the tide time we would be paddling at no more than 0.7 kt against the tide! Ideally I should have run this trip from Scarborough, as it would have assisted us on the return, but I figured Scarborough would be very busy and parking awkward. A good bit of exercise never harmed anyone... My GPS gave a distance of 15.9 Nm or 30.4 km or 18.5 miles.  The weather was excellent.

Filey and Scarborough are fabulous places. Seaside at its very British best and Yorkshire too! The coastline is superb as you can see in the pictures.

Getting home was a little problematic in that there had been a tractor rally in Driffield, consequently the traffic was at near standstill as the various tractors left the show ground. Keith and I did some great navigating cross country to get to the M62, which I am sure saved us hours stuck behind various tractors.

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