2022-03-20 Rhoscolyn to Trearddur Bay then down to the Cymyran Straits

Another cracking day weather wise, albeit with a little bit more wind than Saturdays paddle. We set off from Borthwen, at Rhoscolyn, and paddled via the beacon up to Trearddur Bay, rock hopping as we went. After a short stop we headed back the way we came. Si was on form today and was really enjoying himself. We played in the races before heading in to Porth y Corwgl for some lunch.  It was around this time I started getting premonitions of how bad the A55 was going to be on the way home and started thinking perhaps we should call it a day, paddle round to Borthwen and start setting off.  I always hate the Sunday drive home. I mentioned this to Keith and Si. Si suggested we do at least another hour and in the end I acquiesced and we decided to paddle down the coast a bit further. We ended up going down to the Cymyran Straits, where I had a little surf. The water was pouring out of the straits creating somewhat confused water. After a short play we headed back to Borthwen. I actually really enjoyed the paddle and the extra paddle, at the end was fab.

I was right about the A55 though . No sooner had we set off on the A55, we were stopped by an accident blocking the road. The last time we had been stopped like this on M1/A1 junction up near York, we were stopped for 5.5 hours! Luckily, this wasn't to be the case. As the traffic slowly began to move after 30 minutes or so, Si came passed in the outside lane. I shouted across to him it was all his fault! But the A55 wasn't done with us quite yet, as we went from stop to start all the way to Chester. In the end it took us 5.5 hours to get home! Perhaps we should have stayed on the water for another two hours longer, as we would probably arrived home at around the same time.

Thanks to Keith and Si for some great paddling.

11.5 nm 4hr 39 min

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