2024-01-07 The Ormes

The first paddle on the sea of 2024 and it's been a while in coming. What with the weather being dominated by low pressure systems for much of the later part of 2023, I have not been on the sea in ages. With light winds forecast for once, I decided to get up early, drive over to Rhos on Sea and meet up with Kris. I hadn't seen Kris in a very long while either. It was really great to catch up.

There was quite a bit of fog tumbling off the North Wales hills and drifting out to sea. You could hardly make out Llandudno for the fog from Little Orme. As we approached Llandudno another group of Sea Kayakers were just setting off. We kept crossing paths for much of the trip.

The photos and video captured the day really well.

15nm 5hrs 30 minutes

What a fab paddle


GPS track

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