2013-05-25 The Ormes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the weather forecast looking really good, Rob and I decided to head off to North Wales and more or less decided on route, to paddle the Ormes. We parked up on the front at Rhos on Sea and it wasn't long before we were heading off with a little tidal assistance to Little Ormes Head and Llandudno. The birdlife around Little Ormes Head was stunning.

Great Ormes Head

On rounding the headland we were rewarded with the magnificent view of Llandudno. Once at Llandudno it was time for a brew and an ice cream and it was here I realised I'd lost my wallet!

Rob making a brew
Rob making a brew

The sun was out and kids were running around in swimming costumes, but it has to be said it wasn't that warm. Both Rob and I sported dry suits!


Once we were suitably refreshed we headed out past the Grand Hotel and out to the pier.


Once again the birdlife didn't dissapoint as we paddled around and explored Great Orme. Soon it was time to head back to Llandudno for another brew.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhere we were treated to a a mini air display. It was a bank holiday weekend after all.


On the way back the receeding tide had revealed a nice cave in Little Ormes Head


By this time both Rob and I seemed to think the Rhos on Sea was just around the headland and we had completely forgotten we still had to paddle around Rhos point! It came as something as a shock that it was further than we thought. We were quite relieved when we managed to get back to Rhos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Except the tide was now a long way out. But what a great day. Oh and I found my wallet - on the seat of my car!!


Total mileage: 17.04

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