2019-02-24 Is it Summer Already? Fab Feb Flamborough

Yorkshire Cobble

With the weather looking a bit wild (F5-F8) on the West Coast of Wales, I posted if anyone was interested in a Flamborough trip on the Sunday. It turned out Sabina was already on planing on heading to Flamborough. So, 10:00 am meet at South Landing, on the water for 10:30 was agreed. Simon B said he'd meet us there with some others, which was a bit of a surprise as he is normally found in the Lighthouse Cafe at that time of day.

Sure enough Sabina and Fiona arrived pretty much on the dot at 10am, but no Simon B. Although they had spotted various cars with boats on the roof heading for the cafe. We guessed Simon B. would be down later. And just as we were getting on the water Simon B and his group arrived. As Simon B was still recovering from a wrist injury he said he didn't want to push it too far, whereas we were up for Bempton Arch and back. Each to their own, we set off.

Conditions were pretty glorious, especially for February. As we rounded the head the sea became flatter and flatter. The cliffs were already brimming with Guillemots. We soon passed North Landing and it seemed next to no time that we were arriving at the Bempton Arch, with the Gannets circling around us overhead. A quick trip through the Arch and it was time to head back.

Back at North Landing we pulled in to have a bite for lunch, just as Simon B's group were leaving, heading back to South Landing. After a quick bite to eat and I got my drone out, for a quick fly around taking some photo's and video. The Yorkshire Cobble was one of the pics I took with the drone. I also took a 360 panorama, slightly overexposed - when I say "took", it is more a case of pressing a button and letting the drone get on with it. Albeit with the wrong exposure.

Heading back to South Landing around Flamborough Head, the sea and misty sunny sky merged so well together, there was no discernable horizon. So well, a fishing boat we could see in the distance looked like it was floating in the air.

As we approached South Landing I decided to practice my roll, as I was getting hot and my helmet was getting a little stinky. The sea here in Bridlington Bay is full of silt, but I was very surprised just how dark it was, whilst I was upside down; it was only a foot or two under the surface and it seemed to be almost pitch black. And yes I did have my eyes open! They were full of silt too when I rolled back up.

What a fantastic paddle with great company. 11.5Nm done.

[osma gpx="https://saturnbull.co.uk/wp-content/upload/2019-02-24 Flamborough.GPX"]

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