2019-03-23 The Mersey “Symposium” paddle


With 18 of us in the group it was a bit like being on a symposium paddle!

With the briefings completed we set off from Egremont across the Mersey to see the sights of Liverpool, as we were whisked along by the current. We were supposed to be a tight group crossing the Mersey, but we soon became fairly strung out. Re-grouping on the Liverpool side we proceeded past the Tourists, snapping pictures as we went.

Very soon we were leaving the sights of Liverpool behind and passing the lateral bouys G4 and G2. Looking at my GPS we were shifting along at around 6-7 knots!

Paddling out in the middle channel gave us a little more flow. When I checked my GPS I saw a max of 9.8 knots had been reached briefly.

Nearing the Hale Lighthouse some of the group wanted to go and have lunch, whilst some of us wanted to see if we could reach the bridges at Runcorn. After all there was still 45 minutes until the tide turned.

32nm miles!

Passing under the bridges was really good. Gareth remarking on the fact that the new Mersey Gateway bridge was too clean with no graffiti. Three very different types of bridge each with its own beauty.  After passing the Mersey Gateway Bridge we pulled over for a spot of lunch. The height of the water was about 6 inches below the height of the bank when we stopped. By the time we had eaten lunch, the tide had come over the bank we were sat in, and was flooding the field. Just as this happened the tide turned and we were able to set back off to Egremont. Going back was going to be interesting as on the outbound trip the wind was blowing on our backs. Now it was going to be wind against tide and the Mersey was going to be a little choppy.

Back at the beach at Egremont,

The Ferry, Egremont. Good food
The Ferry, Egremont. Good food

A cracking good paddle

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