2019-07-13 PM in the AM followed by LCC to Rhoscolyn and back

2019-07-13 PM in the AM followed by LCC to Rhoscolyn and back


About ten miles from Holyhead on the Friday night, it started to rain. I think drizzle was expected, but certainly not this. Anyway I parked up at Dafarch for the night and settled in for a good nights rest. Early the next morning, it was fairly dull, but at least it was no longer raining or drizzling. I was surprised how quiet it was at Porth Dafarch, with just one Motorhome and me. Soon though the car parking started to fill up, as a Coasteering group turned up. By the time I was ready to set off, Porth Dafarch was back to its busy self.
I had decided to have a 'poodle' around to Penrhyn Mawr, rock hopping and to maybe do a bit of fishing along the way. As I left Porth Dafarch, it was obvious that the rock hoping would have to be put on hold as there was quite a swell running, so I fished for a bit and caught absolutely nothing. It was still dull and I must admit it wasn't exactly inspiring. I paddled through PM and found myself in some quite big chaotic water. I decided not to bother carrying on, and turned around and headed back to Porth Dafarch. Passing several boats fishing on the way back I was heartened to see that it was not just me not catching anything. The fish were just not biting.
Back at Porth Dafarch, there was a sea kayak group just leaving. It turned out to be Ribble Canoe Club. They told me Liverpool Canoe Club had left about half an hour ago, so I decide to catch them up. The sun was beginning to make an appearance now, it was beginning to brighten up. Catching LCC didn't take long and I met them as they were just heading out of Trearddur Bay. They were heading on a one way trip to Rhoscolyn. I decide to tag along with them. I am a LCC member after all.
Time passed really quickly, chatting as you do, paddling along. We were soon at Rhoscolyn and stopped for some lunch.
After lunch, as I was paddling back to Porth Dafarch, Gareth Jones and Roger Colman decided to join me. Paddling in this direction would be against the swell and wind, it would be err.. fun. And it certainly was. A good work out too. As we were getting ourselves changed, the rest of the LCC group turned up to collect cars etc. I think we (the return paddlers) had made pretty good time.
A fab days paddling.

I was intending to stay at Anglesey Outdoors, but Penny told me it would be very busy. So in the end I headed for a little car park overlooking PM and South Stack. It was stunning and very quiet. Another good nights kip.


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