2022-01-23 Rhoscolyn to Trearddur (and Back!)

2022-01-23 Rhoscolyn to Trearddur and back

Another cold very grey day, saw Si, Keith and myself heading to Borthwen. We paddled out to Rhoscolyn Beacon, through the various tidal races, until we ended up looking at a rather sizeable race, just off the Beacon. Although it looked almost inviting, we all acquiesced to decline having a go. Firstly it was bitterly cold and secondly, if one of us did go into the race, it would be down to the others to rescue them. None of us fancied that, so we decided to head back to the coast and rock hop our way to Trearddur bay. Paddling back to the cliffs was fun as it was very big and bouncy, with each of us disappearing from sight of each other as we rode the roller coaster waves. Although there was a bit of swell about, thankfully most of the caves and slots, were protected out of the swell, which meant we could explore them quite happily. We had a good explore and soon found ourselves at Trearddur Bay, where the RNLI boys and girls were practicing.

Our return was into the wind and swell, but despite this we made excellent time. It was a good workout, but the A55 was calling, as was the long drive home. Another excellent paddle. 8nm

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