2022-01-22 The Stacks

Big Cave

It's 2022 and suddenly there is a weather a window where its not blowing a hooley. What a better way to start 2022 with a little potter around The Stacks. Eight of us met at Porth Dafarch, it wasn't blowing at all, but it was a very grey dull day. We did the usual, paddle through Mini Mawr, which was nice and bouncy, did the chicken run on Penhryn Mawr,  as PM was looking fairly hefty, rock hopped, explored the various caves, had a good natter and generally had a great time. No sooner, we were in Abraham's Bosom, so we stopped for a leg stretch etc, before continuing around to South Stack. The Guillemots were back on the cliffs and spooked easily as we approached. Under the South Stack Lighthouse bridge and onto North Stack, exploring the caves as we went.

All too soon it was time to return, well the tide had turned, so we set off on our way back. Ox for some reason decided to fall out of his boat when it was pretty flat, And not so long after this Si somehow managed to fall out of his boat in a cave and was rescued by Ashley, once he had collected all of his kit! (thankfully as no one else saw this, which was a pity as I am sure the photos would have been worth it). Another stop for lunch in Abraham's Bosom (a different beach) but we didn't loiter for long it was cold. Colder for those who'd taken a dip.

And so we continued all the way back to Porth Dafarch. There were still eight of us too! Result.

Fab days paddling! (Video and Pictures below)

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