2016-08-27 Oban Sea Kayak Race 2016

The Oban Lifeboat

Once again, my now annual trip around Kerrera on the Oban Sea Kayak Race. The sit on tops or Surf Ski’s, as their owners like to call them, probably outnumber the traditional Sea Kayaks these days and most people paddle with Wings (nothing to do with RedBull - although I suspect a few of these tins were consumed by a few sufferers in the morning, due to the previous nights visit to the Oban Spoons).

Sit on tops (with the odd sea kayak)
Sit on tops (with the odd sea kayak)

Flat calm benign conditions meant that I was hoping to beat my previous best around the island in my Etain at 2:18:57.


Under the starting horn at Oban Harbour I fixed transits trying to create a straight line course as possible. Looking at my GPS after the event, I managed this pretty well. I also maintained a constant 5kts for the first leg down Kerrera and the turning near Bach Island, and slightly slower 4.4kts whilst on the outside of the island to near Maiden Island, followed by a constant 5kts again to the finish. My time in the end was only 9 seconds faster at 2:18:48! But at least I did beat my PB. I think that is as fast as the Etain will go. The nice part to all this is I still felt strong at the end of the race. 3rd Place too!

A great event in aid of a great cause the Oban Lifeboat.


Later I dashed off to Arisaig after the event as I planned to paddle out to Eigg/Muck the next day.

Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning not feeling at all well and I ended up after lots of indecision driving home.

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