2016-07-31 The Skerries from Porth Camaes

Arctic Tern

The Skerries off Anglesey, is one of those magical places in our world. It's not easy to get to, especially from a kayakers perspective as it is surrounded by strong tidal streams. But it is well worth the effort. Especially when the Terns are nesting.

I have to say, I have long admired Tern's after seeing a pair when I was a young kid on holiday somewhere. I spent ages watching them fish. Seeing them dive into the water and emerge with a fish, with their ease of flight and chatter to each other, they stuck well and truly in my mind.

Being on the Skerries surrounded by these birds is truly an exceptional experience. Enjoy the photos below (Click on then thumbnails to enlarge)


Many Thanks to Brian for leading the trip.
An incredible memorable trip

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