2020-07-23 South Milton (Another short holiday paddle)

Another blazing hot sunny day in Devon. This time at South Milton. What a cracking day and best of all I get to have a paddle to the Hopes and to explore the Bolt Tail.

It was a busy day at the beach with lots of people on Stand Up paddle boards on the water. And what an excellent sheltered spot to learn in. I paddled around the Bolt Tail enjoying the cracking views as I went then paddled back in a straight line back to  South Milton Beach. Stopping for a quick fish along the way. This time I pulled out six huge mackerel in effectively two casts - or in my case dropping the line until I hit the bottom then reeling in. Three on the first go and three on the second! Back at the beach I was able to offer up three spare fish to someone who said Mackerel was their favourite fish. There is nothing like freshly caught and cooked mackerel.

Happy Days!

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